Hanging out in the garden

A lot of time when you get to a place you’ve been before, it feels comfortable and it’s great to see friends, and this time it’s just like that. I’m sitting in the garden at the hotel in Moshi, Tanzani getting things ready for the group to arrive tomorrow. Putting together the plans for tents, porters, guides, and even a toilet. Yep, we bring a private, portable toilet up the mountain so we can wake up in the morning, have a seat in the “office” and read your daily newspaper in peace. Ok, maybe not the newspaper, but we don’t have to hover over a hole in the ground and pray you aim is on target that day. When my buddy Filbert gets here, I’m heading out to the hospital to drop off some supplies, then off to the orphanage to do the same, and then to my friend’s new parish to do the same. Thanks to my mom and Karen and some others for helping out so much with equipment, etc. I know everyone is going to appreciate it and really be happy we’re helping After doing the good deeds, I think it would be time for a little rest, some more prep, and then maybe pombe kidogo (a little beer). After that, I need to get some work done and start prepping a presentation/workshop I’m developing. Speaking of… if there was one person in the world who has done something, cancer or no cancer, one lung or two, would you want to learn from that person and find out what he’s trying to share with the world so others can accomplish their goals as well? I think that’s about it from this end. Time to go to town and help some more people! While you’re going throughout your day, and you need a little inspiration, please check this out and share with everyone you know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mi2mmwLsag…read more

Kili 2013 Preview

This year’s CancerClimber Association Kilimanjaro Climb & Serengeti Safari is coming up soon!  Visit http://seanswarner.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/KiliItin2013.pdf to see this year’s itinerary and where the Team will be and when, and check out http://kdvr.com/2013/06/12/climbing-mount-kilimanjaro/ for Sean and April’s interview on Good Day Colorado with our friend Jennifer Broome! Next week we’ll start posting updates as Sean prepares for his trip to Africa and Kilimanjaro!…read more

Inspiring Words

First BLOG entry coming soon, and it will be a good one so keep checking back!…read more