5 Steps Sean Swarner Took to Beat Cancer & Scale the Highest Peaks

sean swarner

“I want to be normal again. I want to live.”  I was 13 when I first learned about the mind-body connection after being diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I wondered what I had done to deserve this, why me? Why do I only get 90-days to live at 13? While I knew most things were out of my control, there was one thing that I could control… my thoughts! The way I saw it, I had two options: fight for my life or give up and die. I’d later be faced with the same dilemma as I worked to summit Mount Everest — among other feats. From my hospital bed on, I knew that I could achieve anything if I had hope and visualized myself succeeding. 5 Steps to Utilize Visualization to Transform Your Life 1. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life As soon as I shifted my way of thinking, I transformed my death sentence into another hurdle on my path. I was going to make it. I was going to live. By changing my thoughts, I was redefining my reality. While my body may have been saying, “give up,” my mind said, “go on.” I could do this! Altering my thoughts, changed my perspective, which created a different feeling/emotion inside of me, leading to a different action. What I did wasn’t unique. All I did was activate my mind-body connection. And you can too. The next time you find yourself telling yourself that you are not enough or that you cannot achieve your dreams, stop. Inhale: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Exhale: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then transform your inner dialogue. 2. One Step at a Time I spent about a year battling cancer (the first time). While receiving treatment, I gained 70 pounds and lost every strand of hair on my body. I lost myself for a while. I lost my life for a while. But I never lost sight of my goal — winning the 50m breaststroke. Having goals keeps your mind on the future. Having goals keeps you alive just another day. Since the 50m breaststroke was a lofty goal, I did what I could and set a smaller goal — running a 5k race. In between treatment, I ran around the neighborhood. I finished the 5k, dead last, but I finished it. And eventually, I not only swam the 50m breaststroke, but I won! In the process, my lungs screamed for air. Just one more step. Just one more stroke. Later, when I summited Everest, I realized that it was is the same as finishing the 5k or 50m— one step at a time. 3. Relax  I began my journey to Everest the same way I started everything in my life: I visualized myself on the top and successful before I even began. Before even beginning my training, as I lay down to sleep, I relaxed my body and more importantly, my mind. I took a few deep breaths in my belly […]…read more

Redefining Impossible With Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner

Most people have not escaped death twice before the age of 17. Most people don’t climb to the edges of the earth — scaling the highest peaks. Most people are not two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner — who’s headed to the North Pole to raise money for cancer institutions on April 1.   “You can go 30 days without food, you can live three days without water, but can’t go 30 seconds without hope, because without hope, we truly have nothing,” Sean Swarner says while looking back on his life. Sean has always had hope. Sean has always wanted to live another day. His childhood began the ordinary way – running, playing sports, hanging with friends, typical kid activities. Until one day, while shooting hoops, his knees buckled, he collapsed, and his mom rushed him to the hospital. “Do you know an oncologist?” the doctor asked, before revealing that at the age of 13, Sean had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and less than three months to live. Despite all odds, Sean made a full recovery. He was a normal kid again; he went back to all the things he used to do and, if you didn’t know, you would have never guessed he had ever been sick.  That was until, at the age of 16, he was diagnosed with Askin’s Sarcoma — a cancer combination that’s never been recorded again. This time, he was read his last rites and given 14 days to live, but once again, Sean proved the doctors wrong. Not only did Sean survive, he grew determined that no challenge would ever be too great, no peak too high. So he put his determination to the test. He was going to climb Mt. Everest with one functioning lung (he lost the other one to radiation) — and he was going to become the first cancer survivor to do so. In fact, not only was Sean going to climb to the highest peak on earth, he was going to take as many people with him as possible, as he packed a flag with of names of people who were touched by cancer with him. Sean stepped onto the ice, and he kept on moving. One step. Another step. One more. Until one day, Sean Swarner, the boy who was handed a death sentence twice, stood on top of the world. On the world’s highest point, Sean grabbed his flag, with the names of everyone touched by cancer, and dug it into the ice proving, once again, anything is possible when you have hope. For most people, Everest would have been enough. Sean isn’t most people. Since then, he’s kept climbing, topping the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and North America, thus completing the 7-Summits, in addition to conquering the South Pole and the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. “I’m not finished yet.” On April 1, Sean Swarner will land on the ice of the Arctic with his flag in hand. He’ll ski, one step at a time, until […]…read more

AFRICA and KILIMANJARO 2016 Pictures

Here are some pictures and audio files from the Africa and Kilimanjaro 2016 trip. We apologize for the delay in getting the pictures from the trip up, we had some technical difficulties. Audio Recordings Voicemail Recording 1 Voicemail Recording 2 Voicemail Recording 3…read more


CHECK OUT THE BROCHURE HERE I’ve been sitting here dwelling over the dates, what has worked best in the past, and realized that it doesn’t matter because we’re near 100% success in getting to the top of the highest mountain in Africa…. Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m so excited that we’ve been able to help so many people realize their dreams, and can’t even begin to explain to you the emotions that are shared at the summit.   With that said, and hopefully you watched the video, I’m proud to announce the dates for the trip: July 17 – 30, 2016. Check out our brochure Kili 2016, and please share it with anyone who’s ever wanted to experience something that changes their life. This trip comes with a money-back guarantee!!  Seriously!!  It’s guaranteed to change your life. If it doesn’t… well… that’s your own fault because you went to Africa with your eyes closed, cotton in your ears, plugs up your nose, and you basically cut yourself off from all your senses. So yea… EVERYONE should go on this trip. If you don’t, you’ll regret it, and what’s a life full of regrets? To me, it’s not a life worth living. Don’t you want to see the world and check out what The Lion King was based on? Send me an email: [email protected] for more info, but please  CHECK OUT THE BROCHURE HERE and share this link with everyone!…read more

Motivation in Madness

  It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about what’s happening in my life and thanking YOU for your support! I’m not going to get into the destruction, murder, attacks, and pathetic things that are happening in the world (like I posted on my personal site: https://www.facebook.com/sean.swarner/posts/10153791056826804?comment_id=10153791223076804&notif_t=comment_mention) I will, however talk about the good things and thank you. As most of you know, I just got back from Paris and Brussels, and yes… I happened to see everything that happened over there. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and concerns. It really means a lot to me. It wasn’t pretty, nor was it a safe feeling to see countless people in fatigues carrying machine guns and bomb-sniffing dogs…. Well, people weren’t actually carrying the bomb-sniffing dogs, but the dogs were there with the people in fatigues. Ha. I was safe getting home, but it really made me think about the state of our world and how horrible it’s getting. Regardless, there has to be something good in it, right? Looking at the news, it’s all negative and getting worse. One good story out of 99 murders, rapes, terrorist attacks, protests (about stupid things by the way), etc., and we wonder why people are getting more negative. It’s the only thing they’re exposed to!! It’s getting difficult for even me to remain positive to be honest, but I think about the fact that maybe I’m helping counterbalance the scales of negativity. It’s not without struggle, but as long as I keep getting the amazing support from people like you, it’s worth it. People ask me all the time how I remain so positive… I’ll share with you one of my tricks. Pretend your mind is like a glass of water. Dirty water represents negative thoughts. Clean water represents positive thoughts. What happens if you have a glass of dirty water (a brain full of negative thoughts) and put it under a faucet flowing clean water (positive thoughts)? Eventually you’re going to have nothing but clean water, right? You keep telling yourself positive things, your brain is going to have nothing but positive thoughts. Every. Day. It’s like training your body/muscles to run a marathon. It takes training and you need to start somewhere, because you’re not just going to jump into a marathon and run 26.2 miles without suffering some sort of injury. Do something daily to put yourself into situations of being positive no matter what happens. Just like what happened recently….   I was honored in an article with people like Walt Disney and Richard Branson: http://www.jacamo.co.uk/blog/zero-to-hero-5-inspirational-men-and-their-stories/?utm_content=buffere6bee&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Obviously those are some HUGE names and “honored” is an understatement, but my story is getting out and hopefully touching some lives to inspire them to go after their own lofty goals. I’m working on some projects now that will help people more than they ever imagined, and it’ll change their lives to be honest. If you like reading… well.. there’s your hint.  J Want to know more? Please sign […]…read more

Gociety’s Most Eligible Explorer???

Hey everyone! I’m in the running for Gociety’s Most Eligible Explorer of 2015. I know – fun, right? (PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!??  HERE   just scroll down and click on my name ) But it’s also for a noble cause – because I really believe that an active healthy lifestyle is the only way to go. And this sends that message loud and clear. Most of you know that after I was diagnosed with cancer and – twice – given just weeks to live, an active healthy lifestyle kept me sane and gave me hope. Even in the middle of chemo, I continued to run. It gave me a way to “live” again and gave me hope for the future. To this day, no matter what’s going on with work, physical fitness and outdoor adventure are at the core of who I am and what I do. It keeps me healthy, in shape, out of the house and I can connect with a lot of fun people. I’ve had a love of the outdoors since I was born! I am the first cancer survivor to summit Mt. Everest, then the Seven Summits. I’ve completed the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, trekked to the South Pole and have been to countries all around the world. Next on the list? The North Pole. Some think I’m crazy but, seriously, this outdoor adventure lifestyle keeps me going, and I think it gives others hope that they can get through their storms of uncertainty, too. Whether it’s cancer, loss of a job, relationship woes, financial disaster, thoughts of suicide or – well, name your mountain…. That’s why I helped launch a nonprofit called the CancerClimber Association. When you’re newly diagnosed and fighting for your life, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But having something to look forward to and someone to talk to can make all the difference in the world – for those facing adversity of any kind. And that’s why CCA raises funds every year to send one cancer survivor on their dream to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, then go on African safari. My dream is to launch a mobile unit that will take the excitement on site to hospitals across the country. Most of us aren’t in life or death situations at the moment, but we have been or will be. I’ve learned through trial and error that staying active gives me that something extra you need to get through it all. So I’d be honored to be dubbed the Most Eligible Explorer of 2015. And I hope it inspires and motivates everyone to get out there and enjoy life – whatever they do and wherever they go!…read more

On to safari

The group this morning at the camp before heading out on safari.…read more

They are down safely.

Looks like the team is down safely and celebrating!  Below are a few pictures that sean has been able to get out. Sun setting on the last night on Mwenzi with the shadow of Kili looming right by it.   Awesome party night last night. Celebratory drinks and dancing at a local African club!!   Send the team a personal message of encouragement, a joke, an update of the world news, or anything else for free by following these directions: click here enter 881623465078 as phone number add email and type your message! If you want to send a name of someone touched by cancer, send that as well and we’ll do our best to let you know it was received.   A Thank you to Satellite Phone Store   …read more

Day… whatever. SUMMIT PUSH!!

Last meal before the summit push. Taking off for the summit… here. Success!  click here to hear directly from the summit!  Spoiler, 100%… Send the team a personal message of encouragement, a joke, an update of the world news, or anything else for free by following these directions: click here enter 881623465078 as phone number add email and type your message! If you want to send a name of someone touched by cancer, send that as well and we’ll do our best to let you know it was received.   A Thank you to Satellite Phone Store   …read more