Day 4 Dispatch

Barranco Huts to Barafu Camp Sean unexpectedly decided to do an audio message this morning, and wow what a difference in energy-level compared to an evening audio message when everyone is tired and worn out from the day’s hike.  Have a listen for yourself!     After breakfast everyone left Barranco Huts, and continued on a steep ridge passing over the Barranco Wall through the Karanga Valley (4200m/ 13,780 ft) where the route connects with the Mweka Trail. They continued to the Barafu Hut, which is located at an altitude of 4,600 meters (~15,100 ft). This ended the South Circuit, which offers views of the summit from many different angles. There they made camp, rested, enjoyed dinner, and prepared for the summit.  Today’s hike took about 8 hours. Sean reported back that he did receive all (over 60!) of the messages and well wishes sent to him yesterday at 8pm Mountain Time.  If your message was received after 8pm Mountain Time (sharp) yesterday, it will be sent this evening and Sean will receive it tomorrow after returning from the summit and leaving Barafu (Camp 4 / High Camp) heading to Mweka Huts (Camp 5 / Low Camp).  We have received 15+ messages and well wishes since yesterday at 8pm Mountain Time, so keep those encouragements coming in until this evening and we’ll get those to Sean and everyone shortly thereafter.  Mweka Huts (Camp 5 / Low Camp) is under the thick canopy of the rain forest (just like Machame Huts / Camp 1 is), so he’ll receive the messages and well wishes on his way down and read them to everyone at Mweka Huts (Camp 5 / Low Camp).  Keep the messages coming into [email protected], and remember today is the final day for messages to them while they are on the mountain. Cathy donated to Pat’s cause this morning on Crowdrise, and just might get a little thank you from us for doing this shortly.  Feel free to follow Cathy’s generosity and support of CancerClimber & The 2014 Kili Team by doing the same at! So you understand how Summit Day works, here’s their approximate schedule of events.     -) Wake up just before or around 11pm their time. -) Put on most of their summit gear, and pack their daypacks. -) Head to the Mess Tent for a light snack of popcorn, biscuits, and warm tea. -) Get a final briefing from the lead guides. -) Put on their headlamps, and daypacks. -) Turn their headlamps on, and start hiking up around midnight their time. -) They should summit just around 9am their time (midnight Mountain Time). -) Stay at the summit for no more than a half hour. -) Head back to Barafu (Camp 4 / High Camp), and change into their lighter hiking gear. -) Start hiking down to Mweka Huts (Camp 5 / Low Camp). -) Reach Mweka Huts (Camp 5 / Low Camp) around 4pm or 5pm their time. As everyone started out […]…read more

Day 3 Dispatch

Shira Plateau/Huts to Barranco Huts via Lava Tower Let’s start off today right with Sean’s Audio Message direct from Barranco Huts (Camp 3), and even though he got disconnected we’re sure he was going to end with “but otherwise…everyone is doing well, enjoying themselves, and ready for a good night’s sleep”!  Barranco Huts (Camp 3) is in the Karanga Valley surrounded on three sides by steep tall cliffs/walls, so there’s usually only a small window several times an hour throughout the day reception is good enough for a brief communication transmission.   Today’s BLOG is a bit late due to us working on a more effective and efficient way to deliver all your well wishes.  We’re happy to report this new way should work better, and all messages will be resent to ensure all are delivered to everyone over there.  All messages previously received and those that come in by early this evening (Mountain Time) will be resent tonight, and read to everyone at Barafu Camp (Camp 4 / High Camp) before the summit push.  Those arriving later tonight and after will be sent to Sean and read at Mweka Huts (Camp 5) and when everyone gets back to Moshi.  During the time we had two-way communication with Sean, he said the day was sunny and warm but after they ate dinner it started to rain.  He told us everyone is doing “AMAZING”, and he couldn’t be more pleased with how everything is going (minus the minor communication glitches from time to time). To recap today’s journey, from the Shira Plateau/Huts (Camp 2) all continued their journey passing the junction towards the peak of Kibo (the local name for Uruhu Peak [aka, The SUMMIT!]).  As they continued, they changed their direction more southeast towards the Lava Tower.  Shortly after the tower, they came to the second junction which brought them up to the Arrow Glacier at an altitude of 4,876 meters (~16,000).  They stayed there for a couple hours having an extended lunch and acclimatizing to the higher altitude.  They then continued down to the Barranco Huts (Camp 3) to an altitude of 3,860 meters (12,664 ft). Here they rested before dinner, ate another hearty hot meal, and went right to sleep. Although they ended the day at the same elevation as they started, this day is very important for acclimatization and helped their bodies prepare for summit day.  It was a long hiking day today, with the entire trek lasting around 6 hours. Today was a harder hike than the past two (higher in altitude, and longer in time), and this is a good warm-up for tomorrow when they hike to Barafu Camp (Camp 4 / High Camp) and finally the push to the Summit.  The first several hours of the hike to Barafu Camp (Camp 4 / High Camp) is a steep hike up out of the Karanga Valley; however, once they are out of the valley it is a long but gradual ascent up to Barafu Camp […]…read more

Day 2 (Machame Huts – Shira Huts) Dispatch

Everyone made it to Shira Huts ( Camp 2), and all are doing well! After waking up at Machame Huts (Camp 1) and eating a hearty breakfast, they hiked up out of the rain forest and continued upward, crossing a small valley and hiking along a rocky ridge.  They are now heading more westward, and reached a river gorge at 3,658 meters (~12,000 ft) which will be where they set up camp for the night.  Today’s hike lasted just over 4 hours. The reception at Shira Huts (Camp 2) was not as clear as anticipated, but Sean was able to leave the following audio message.   For those of you who emailed a message to [email protected] for Sean and the Team, they are being delivered to Sean and the rest of the Team.  Things are a bit busy here at the moment, but you should receive a reply to your message letting you know it was received.  Keep emailing messages to [email protected] as continued support and encouragement, and we’ll post any replies Sean or any Team Member has once a decent two-way communication has been reestablished. You can keep donating and supporting CancerClimber and the rest of the 2014 Kili Team by going to  Karen and Michael Linsky donated yesterday supporting PJ Rudolph, and we could not be more appreciative! As everyone was hiking out of the rain forest the first picture below was the view behind them (Machame Huts / Camp 1 is down under that canopy somewhere), and the second picture shows the Porters ahead of them carrying equipment and supplies to Shira Huts / Camp 2 (which is still a few more miles past the peak). As a head’s up, tomorrow everyone will be leaving Shira Huts, topping out at Lava Tower for an extended lunch and staying at altitude (16,000 feet) for a few hours, and then descending down to Barranco Huts / Camp 3 (12,500 feet).  They’ll be spending the night in the Karanga Valley, and communication there is very limited. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for Day 3’s Update!…read more

Day 1 Dispatch

Sean and The 2014 Kili Team drove from Moshi to The Kilimanjaro National Park Gate early in the morning, and the drive took about 50 minutes. The journey passed through the village of Machame (located on the lower slopes of the mountain).  Once everyone reached the Park Gate, they made their final preparations for the climb with a final tuning of their gear and Sean checking everyone into the Park.  During this time, the Porters were arranging their packs containing the food, water, firewood, and other equipment they’ll take up to keep everyone on the expedition healthy and comfortable. Once leaving the Park Gate, they walked through the rain forest on a winding trail.  Lower down, it was muddy and slippery.  Gaiters and trekking poles were used to make this part of the journey a bit easier. Sean reported it was foggier than normal, but it was short lived and rolled out by the time they reached Machame Hut (Camp 1).  Everyone reached the Machame Hut (Camp 1) where they made camp, rested, enjoyed a hot dinner, and went to sleep. On this day, they started at an elevation of about 5,000 feet, and after a 5 hour hike to Machame Hut (Camp 1) they reached an altitude of 3,100 meters (~10,170 ft). The communication at Machame Hut (Camp 1) was very spotty due to the thick rain forest canopy, but Sean was able to give the following dispatch:  “The Flag being taken up is being carried by each member of the Team.  Ken Doppelt carried it the first half of today’s leg, and Sharon Evans carried it the rest of the way to Machame Hut (Camp 1).  Christine Hall also wanted to let her Mom know she’s doing great and having a wonderful first day.  Everyone else is doing well and in high spirits!” If anyone wants to send a short message to anyone/everyone over there, email [email protected] and it will be sent to them.  This is a great way to let them hear from “back home”, and keeps them from being too homesick. Lastly for today, all the donations already made via Crowdrise have been greatly appreciated!  They are going to a great cause, and we cannot thank you enough for your support.  You can continue to donate and support CancerClimber and the rest of the 2014 Kili Team by going to, and it encourages the Team to Keep Climbing up Kili as they hear of the day’s total donations.  For everyone that donates from today until everyone is safely down and off the mountain, we’ll mention you right here on the BLOG…and let’s just say be entered into a contest to receive a “PRIZE” when Sean and everyone return stateside! Hopefully tomorrow when the communication is better Sean will be able to call back and leave an audio message (with everyone there being able to say Hi) which will be posted right here on the BLOG for all to hear! Enjoy the below pictures of the […]…read more

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Day 6…All Done!

Day 6 (Mweka Hut/Camp to Mweka Park Gate to Moshi) is done, and everyone is back safe and sound at the hotel in Moshi.  As mentioned in yesterday’s BLOG, everyone woke up, packed up their daypacks and porter bags, ate breakfast, and hiked the final 3 hours to Mweka Park Gate.  Sean signed everyone off the mountain, everyone got in the vans, and off to the hotel in Moshi they went.  Once at the hotel and after a long awaited warm shower, everyone just relaxed around the hotel before calling it a night. Tomorrow is Day 1 (Moshi to Lake Manyrar) of the Serengeti Safari, and we normally do not BLOG as often and as in much detail as we do during the Kili portion of the trip.  It’s more or less riding around the Serengeti in a Land Rover trying to find the Big 7, but we’ll try to post daily (or at least every other day) where they have been, what they most likely have seen, and what they have reported back.  You can still send them text messages to the satellite phone, and after everyone gets back from the day’s safari, cleaned up, and ate dinner at the hotel Sean downloads the day’s messages. Sean did not relay any satellite phone text messages today, but we can give a shout out and thanks to VICKY HAYDEN and SHANNA PREVOST for their generous Crowdrise donations!  Sean and the CancerClimber Association depend on donations to be able to continuing doing what they are doing, and thank you Vicky & Shanna for all your support! Keep sending FREE satellite messages to the 2013 Kili Team!  Visit, at the top of the page click “Send a Satellite Message”, in the “To” field make sure to enter the code (satellite phone #): 881632511299, then type away and send.  Your message will be delivered to them in Africa…all thanks to USSecure Net! Thanks to everyone (Sean,  the 2013 Kili Team, Guides, Porters, Cooking Crew, Sat Phone Texters, Crowdrise Donors, and the followers of this year’s Team and BLOGs) for making this year’s Kili Climb a success, and it could not have been done with you…Kuche Kuche! Finally, the below picture is taken at Mweka Gate Park.  The porters are piling up people’s porter bags before taking them to the vans to return to Moshi.…read more