Motivation in Madness


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about what’s happening in my life and thanking YOU for your support! I’m not going to get into the destruction, murder, attacks, and pathetic things that are happening in the world (like I posted on my personal site: I will, however talk about the good things and thank you.


As most of you know, I just got back from Paris and Brussels, and yes… I happened to see everything that happened over there. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and concerns. It really means a lot to me. It wasn’t pretty, nor was it a safe feeling to see countless people in fatigues carrying machine guns and bomb-sniffing dogs…. Well, people weren’t actually carrying the bomb-sniffing dogs, but the dogs were there with the people in fatigues. Ha. I was safe getting home, but it really made me think about the state of our world and how horrible it’s getting. Regardless, there has to be something good in it, right? Looking at the news, it’s all negative and getting worse. One good story out of 99 murders, rapes, terrorist attacks, protests (about stupid things by the way), etc., and we wonder why people are getting more negative. It’s the only thing they’re exposed to!! It’s getting difficult for even me to remain positive to be honest, but I think about the fact that maybe I’m helping counterbalance the scales of negativity. It’s not without struggle, but as long as I keep getting the amazing support from people like you, it’s worth it. People ask me all the time how I remain so positive… I’ll share with you one of my tricks. 20151115_074833Pretend your mind is like a glass of water. Dirty water represents negative thoughts. Clean water represents positive thoughts. What happens if you have a glass of dirty water (a brain full of negative thoughts) and put it under a faucet flowing clean water (positive thoughts)? Eventually you’re going to have nothing but clean water, right? You keep telling yourself positive things, your brain is going to have nothing but positive thoughts. Every. Day. It’s like training your body/muscles to run a marathon. It takes training and you need to start somewhere, because you’re not just going to jump into a marathon and run 26.2 miles without suffering some sort of injury. Do something daily to put yourself into situations of being positive no matter what happens. Just like what happened recently….


I was honored in an article with people like Walt Disney and Richard Branson: Obviously those are some HUGE names and “honored” is an understatement, but my story is getting out and hopefully touching some lives to inspire them to go after their own lofty goals. I’m working on some projects now that will help people more than they ever imagined, and it’ll change their lives to be honest. If you like reading… well.. there’s your hint.  J Want to know more? Please sign up for the newsletter that’s coming out soon and you’ll be one of the first to know when big events happens.



Also, I was just voted as the most Eligible Explorer of 2015. I think that honor is right up there with Walt and Dick! Haha.  Ok, maybe not, but maybe it’ll help me find someone who can put up with my travels, and / or someone who wants to join me! Ok, probably not…. That being said, this honor wouldn’t have been possible without your support and help. You’ve been amazing at supporting what I’ve done and I can’t thank you enough. I wish I could give back even a fraction of what you’ve done for me… thank you so much.


On a closing note now, I just want to say we should all find something today that makes us happy. I’m laughing hysterically right now listening to music.  Why?  Well… I wish I could entertain myself and make myself laugh as much, and as easily as my nephew running around his dad’s shoe. He’s hysterical and completely entertained. Kids are awesome and we should all learn something from them… keep it simple and enjoy the little things… the REALLY little things. While the holidays are approaching, keep an open mind to what others are doing, celebrating, and realize that everyone on earth has a different perspective. Respect those differences, those perspectives, and realize that one of the reasons the world is so interesting is exactly because of its diversity and unique ways of seeing life. Talk to someone and maybe try to understand their perspective someday. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason…