Team Building: How To Climb Everest With One Lung

Getting to the top of any mountain cannot be done alone, and always starts with a strong team. Sean didn’t climb to the highest point on every continent by himself. Getting a personal account of his conflicts, struggles, and successes, Sean teaches you what it takes to develop a successful team and overcome obstacles; the same team-building tools he used to make history.

Sean is an exclusive speaker with countless credentials and a unique way of relating to everyone he meets. His presentations, talks, and appearances can always be customized to meet your specific needs. By working with you on an individual basis, Sean will formulate a custom program and experience for you or your company, and by integrating specific tools he has developed to make history, Sean will design a plan to help you achieve your personal or corporate success. Reach out to find out how...

Motivation/Inspiration: 1 Out Of Over 7,000,000,000

Being in a medically-induced coma for nearly a year, and accomplishing what no other person on earth has, takes immeasurable motivation and inspiration. Sean has inspired clients from the NY Giants to IBM to Willard High School. Sean’s unique view on life and his way of encouraging people to take their first step is unparalleled. Relating to your own struggles, Sean teaches you how to motivate yourself, overcome your personal conflict, and reach your personal Everest.

Goal Setting: Hospital Bed To The Hawaii Ironman World Championship

Going from a hospital bed to the summit of Mt. Everest is nearly impossible, but Sean has figured out what it takes to reach the top of the world. Sean’s unique and personal storytelling style navigates you though his most difficult struggles with relatable techniques you can use while setting your own goals. Walking around the block or finishing the Hawaii Ironman Championship, Sean’s goals were once both of these and teaches you how to do the same.

Changing Your View: How Almost Dying Is A Good Thing

Surviving two cancers as a teen, Sean was forced to focus on what was important in life and not get caught up in distractions. Everyone facing a struggle must come to terms with their situation and take a step into the unknown. Moving past struggles toward your goal often requires a change in attitude and a change in how you see things. Sean will help make your success tangible by using his “Upside Down Mountain” analogy, making you successful even before you begin.

Personal Or Group Consulting

Everyone can use a little support and guidance in setting and achieving goals. Developing a personal and professional relationship directly with Sean, and having him guide you or your group on your specific interests only increases your success. By sharing his tools with you and/or your group, Sean will help you understand the only person who is able to stop you from achieving your goals is the same person who can help you achieve them... you.

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One of those athletes is Marmot Ambassador Athlete Sean Swarner, a two-time cancer survivor who has climbed Everest (not to mention the rest of the Seven Summits)—with only one functioning lung. We sat down with him ahead of tomorrow's race to find out how one trains for something like this—plus, what it’s like to climb Everest at such a physical disadvantage (one lung!), how much hope plays a role in our fitness endeavors, and more.

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Wednesday is the Empire State Building Run-Up. Athletes will scale 1,576 steps and 86 floors in the race.

Sean Swarner and Tom Holland shared their inspiring stories on why it's not just any event to them.

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