What to Say (And Not Say) to Someone Who Has Cancer

As a two-time terminal cancer survivor, I’ve been lucky. “What’s so lucky about being diagnosed with cancer?” you might ask. It’s a reasonable question. But cancer has been one of my greatest teachers — first showing me how much I want to live and then (now 25 years into remission) giving me the chance to do it.…read more

How to Live Your Best Life After Cancer

On National Cancer Survivors Day, I spoke to a room filled with cancer survivors at Littleton Adventist Hospital. I started the conversation by asking them a simple question, “How many of you are cancer survivors?” 

Of course, hands immediately shot up across the room. Then I prompted a more unusual question, “How many of you now see cancer as a good thing?” This time, only a few hands raised. “Why on earth would I see cancer as a good thing?” I’m sure most of them thought from their seats. But then I began to tell my story about cancer — and life after it.…read more