7 Ways to Create a More Positive Workplace

Many businesses today put an emphasis on working harder and longer, in order to climb to the top of that corporate ladder and find “success.” As a result, Americans are working longer than ever, spending an average of 9 hours and 20 minutes working Monday through Friday in 2017, up from 9 hours and 11 minutes in 2003. They’re even working on weekends. That non-stop work mentality comes at a high cost to both the individual and the organization.…read more

Three Steps To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Think back to something you’ve tried to do in the past year. Maybe you tried a new diet and found yourself saying, “I’ll never lose the weight.” Or maybe you tried riding a road bike and your first thought was, “I hope I don’t fall.” If you found your thoughts shifting toward the negative — the very thing you don’t want to happen — you’re not alone.…read more